NPS Custom Metal Parts Workshop how to order Precision Techniques
Do you have any questions similar to these?
  "I don't know who to ask about sheet metal products."
"Fraise milling can't be done by individuals."
"I would like to ask about lathe-processing by individuals."
"I need a part welded."
"I can't ask for metal processing because I'm not associated with any company."
"How much will it cost to fabricate custom parts?"
Leave it to us!
  We specialize in customized, special-order, stainless-steel and aluminum parts. We serve companies all over the world.
We manufacture one-of-a-kind custom parts for customers.
Get One-Of-A-Kind Custom Parts!

Just send us any technical drawings of your products (with specifications in millimeters), and we'll manufacture them for you.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you!
Please feel free to ask for an estimate.
Our customers:
  Our clients range from universities, to companies, to individuals.
Our products are used for research, prototypes, business and hobbies.
To determine what types of parts you would like to order, please click below.
Please Indicate Length in Millimeters
Send us a drawing, and we'll manufacture your parts.
When submitting drawings, please make sure all measurements are clearly indicated in millimeters.
Get The Custom Parts You Dream Of!
We manufacture one-of-a-kind custom metal parts.
Quality Parts, Made Only In Japan.
Our traditionally-trained craftsmen are among the best in the industry.
Estimates are free.
Correspondence by email only.
  We're sorry, we don't accept any correspondence by FAX or telephone.
PayPal accepts:
Get your custom parts through NPS.
  If you need custom stainless-steel parts, we are one of the most capable and affordable sources, and we can get the job done right.
(We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every part we manufacture.)
original metal products
custom  parts for kitchen & interior
custom  parts for cars
custom bike parts/custom bicycle parts
custom  parts for robot
custom audio system parts
custom pc parts
custom camera parts
custom artworks parts
custom fishing parts/custom ship parts
parts of laboratory
custom outdoor parts
custom other parts
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