how to order home NPS Custom Metal Parts Workshop

Cutting:From straight lines to curves.
 Laser Cutting, Punch Press (Stamping), Shirring, Fraise, Lathing, Machining (milling), Wire Cutting, and other techniques.

Hole-Making/Perforating:High-Precision Perforation. Any size, shape or depth of perforation is possible.
 Our high-tech machinery allows us to make high-precision perforations as well as laser cutting, punch pressing, drilling, end milling, reaming, and
 other technology.Any size, shape or deph of manufacturing is possible.

Machining:We make perfect-fitting male/female parts.We do post-weld cutting as well.

 Among our many services, we fraise, lathe, machine, and drill-press parts.We also do all kinds of post-weld cutting and fitting.

Bending:we do high-precision bending.
 Our bending machinery includes: Brake Press, Three Rolls, and other various Molds.

Welding:Considering the appropriate characteristics of sheet-metal for a specific application, we select and shape sheet-metal to perform
       high-precision welding.

 We do high-precision TIG-, MIG-, MAG-, SPOT- and STUD-welding.

Surface Treatment:We can do offer various types of surface treatment as well.
 Among our many services we do chromate plating, chrome plating, buff finishing, black galvanizing, hard chrome plating, nickel plating, "Kanigen" plating,  (electroless nickel plating), the gilding, tin plating, anodizing in a variety of colors ( white(clear), black, red, blue or yellow) , hard coting, buff,brush finishing,  vibration-finishing, acid-wash, electrolyzation, among many other surface finishing methods.

・We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel and aluminium parts. We manufacture parts using other materials as well.

・Not only do we manufacture a variety of parts from metal blocks and sheet metal, but from pipes and dowels as well.

Please specify tolerances.
When a particular tolerance is required, please specify in the technical drawing.

 When no tolerances are specified, NPS will manufacture parts according to the specifications below.

Regular Dimension Tolerance Units: mm (millimeters)
Standard Dimensions:
 No more than 6±0.1
 6mm < 30mm ±0.2
 30mm < 120mm ±0.3
 120mm < 315mm ±0.5
 15mm < 1000mm ±0.8
 1000mm < 2000mm ±1.2